Young euro newbie in threeway


Young euro newbie in threeway But today I struggled to concentrate. My pussy kept interrupting. It wanted more so I stretched my limbs and went home and took out the fattest dildo I have. It’s fat and about 7 inches long and brown in color. It’s not as soft as my fleshy one but not so hard as to feel totally fake.

Slowly I slid it inside me, working my clit and pushing it in getting past my lips and into my woman’s nest is always hard, but I always seem to find the way.

I lay with my legs spread wide and played with my clit until I came. The feeling of this protruding monster, along with thoughts in my head of Ben coming over to fist me, made me explode and I came everywhere; juice spraying all over the bedding as the orgasm ripped through my body like a cyclone leaving me totally exhilarated in its wake.

Date: June 24, 2017