Work instructor tastes her student’s tool


Work instructor tastes her student's tool I saw her at a grocery store 7 years earlier. I was in love she had blonde hair a white lace blouse black leather mini skirt black stockings with seam up the back black 6 inch stilletos.

I didnt find her for 7 years but I was married 3 months my wife was 22 I was 30 my older woman 38.
This time I caught her eye I was a cop in uniform directing traffic I directed her into the coffee shop and she watched me directing traffic as she walked into the shop. I finished and wrnt into the shop ordered a coffee and turned to get a look at her. She was hanging out of the booth checking me out. I left and got her license plate numbet. I checked it out she lived 3 blocks up the street from me. I was off the next day I saw my wife off to work I looked up in the phone book I found a number under a mans name.

Date: June 18, 2017