Voll in Daynias Gesicht gewichst


Voll in Daynias Gesicht gewichst Within a matter of a few minutes on her downward and upward licking at Raphael he began to spill into her mouth first in small amounts appearing all over her tongue and lips as she move up and down him. Then more and more as strings of thick white semen came forth out her lips stticking to her chin and slowly dripping down atop her breasts and cleavage creeping down her stomach.

Raphael moved his hands down unto her head and said, “I am about to explode” moving her head off his penis. Cynthia went back down unto him and using her right hand moved his hand to the back of her head. She began moving up and down him faster and faster. She again moved her hand up to his and pushed at his hand. Raphael got the message and put both his hands on the back of her head.

Date: June 17, 2017