Virgo Peridot, Chubby Brunette Satisfied By Anal


Virgo Peridot, Chubby Brunette Satisfied By Anal Thinking this was a prank, I quickly grabbed for my pants to pull them up. I didn’t want her friends to see my cock! As I got my shorts halfway up, she darted her slick feet in between my legs, blocking me from covering myself, as well as completely paralyzing me every time her silky soles or toes touched my inner thighs. I flew into a panic as I heard Simone and Rachel coming down the hallway, adjusting the legs of my shorts and bunching them up around my knees, hopefully looking like I was still wearing them. I quickly covered us with the blanket again literally one second before the girls walked back in, carrying a bottle of red wine and four glasses. Seemingly, we were in the exact position as when the girls had left. Only this time, my cock and balls were completely exposed, and my knees were bound together by my shorts waistband. Not to mention Karen’s silky toes were starting to sneak up my inner thighs. She smiled innocently as she began her torment.

Date: May 31, 2017