Tantra Explorations For Females


Tantra Explorations For Females “I am yours Zion – take me.” replies Delta.

I suck and lick and kiss her perfect breasts and roll her nipples around in my mouth moving from one to the next and back again.

Unlike anything I have done before, the sensation of sucking and biting just a little spurs me on more and more until my want for her overrides any conscious thought about The One and the rules that govern our fate.

“I want to be inside you Delta, I need you.” I say as I raise my body above hers. Her hand cups my face.

“I am yours do as you will, take me Zion take what is yours.” She says, her words breathless. I lower myself down kissing her lips as her hands roam my raw body, running her hands through my hair and back over me again.

Date: May 30, 2017