Pure Sensuality Productions


Pure Sensuality Productions Caroline was slowly becoming intoxicated with the aroma of the two girls and the underlying aroma of cosmetics. She was actually beginning to enjoy her weekend the dread and humiliation of her situation rapidly falling away. She felt so sexually alive and the gentle touch of both girls was so welcome she wriggled with excitement. Rah could feel her sexual arousal as well and asked if Caroline would like them to make love to her. Caroline was dumbstruck with the offer, one beautiful girl was more than he had ever had before and now two gorgeous beauties were fussing ever so gently over her. A sudden and very brief yearn for the weekend never to end gave her only an intake of breath. Eventually as her craving peaked she gave a low sigh and Rah leaned in to give her a kiss on the cheek, I think that was a yes, I’ll need to change into something more suitable, you look so beautiful she confided. Caroline now suspended in her turmoil of longing for this never to stop

Date: June 22, 2017