Massage For The Anal Part


Massage For The Anal Part “Are you ready?” I ask.

“Yes” she says with a small nod. She is unsure but willing to follow the rules her new life has delivered.

“Let’s go.” I smile.

We walk out to the transport area and find our new means of transport suppled by The One. The hover is ready – they run on sunshine like everything these days – so there is no need for the thing the we used to call fuel.

After a short pre-programed ride, Delta and I arrive at our new apartment in the newly build area 2042. Apartment 11234 is to be our home. Gifted, as well, by The One.

I walk in the front door into an open, sprawling room with high definition screens on every wall. I find our one bedroom; our new clothes are stacked and hung in cupboards awaiting our inspection or use.

Date: May 29, 2017