Mandy Muse Sucking Giant Dick


Mandy Muse Sucking Giant Dick Never, but I've always wanted to, he says as he leans forward and puts his head on the floor. He puts a hand on each ass cheek and spreads them part so I can see his pink puckered little asshole.

i get on my knees and lick his asshole, I circle it again and and again as he whimpers beneath me. Ive only known him for about a week, but I've never seen him so vulnerable. I liked it.

I lap his asshole up good, making it nice and slobbery, then I push my tongue deep against his asshole and force myself in. Thomas groans deeply as his asshole tightens on my tongue.

I pull my mouth always from his ass, and place one finger inside, feeling around. Yes baby, he says, put another one in.

Date: June 26, 2017