Luscious young Latina rides a long prick


Luscious young Latina rides a long prick Karen sat down on the end of my sectional couch and shouted out her typical Friday night mantra, “I need weed and a footrub immediately!” I sat down next to her while she put her legs up on me and started packing a bowl of my stash of killer skunk weed. As she adjusted herself and lit up, her nylon-clad calves slid up and down my still-stiff cock, which her friends hopefully didn’t notice as they sat down, Simone on the other side of me on the sectional, and Rachel in a chair next to us. After taking a hit, I passed the bowl over to Simone, again being teased by any movement I made by Karen’s silky legs against my cock and balls. Then I got to work on her feet, slowly stroking her long toes and and sexy arches while the girls and I casually talked about work, current events, etc., while occasionally following a movie I was watching, and getting more stoned, not to mention I had smoked a little before they came.

Date: May 31, 2017