Library Masturbates and Squirt


Library Masturbates and Squirt Standing at the bottom of the bed looking at each other I saw the desire in his eyes,I hoped mine was a reflection of his own as he held my hands lightly kissing my ear,I felt his tongue inside lightly running around my body felt as if it had been jolted with electricity my head tilted back and Roy took advantage kissing it just under the jaw sending shivers down my spine. It was so nice with him kissing and slowly unbuttoning my blouse, the bra was not being very cooperative so I gave him a hand as he worked on the zip on my skirt. They dropped to the floor together leaving me in just panties,he was just getting his feet out of his trousers and being as he had no pants on I could see his manhood,smaller than mine but it sent a buzz through me just the same

Date: June 20, 2017