Lesbian Fever DDF Productions


Lesbian Fever DDF Productions He put his hand out. Cynthia did not know what to do. Thoughts were flying in and out of her head. She automatically extended her hand and he shook it and quickly moved away to the next women.

Cynthia tried reeling in what was going through her head, “If he'd had run his hand up into my crotch I'd have came,” she thought. “I feel like I am soaked. I'm engaged!”

She tried focus on her step but her head was reeling and she remembered what her fiance' had told her, “Rick told me that I am sensual and I cant stop it. Its who I am. Sexy. Beautiful. But… Oh my gosh. Maybe I am just imagining things, that's probably it. What would a guy like that see in me? I am 53, old enough to be his mother! Shit. I am so horny right now. Think. Think. Walk. Walk. Walk.”

Date: June 19, 2017