Hot muscle stud with his girl


Hot muscle stud with his girl Ben pulled his hands out of his pockets both of them had a ribbon wrapped around each wrist, the ribbon was blue on one hand and a deep crimson on the other the ends frayed and the bows perfectly shaped. They were the best present I had ever received and I couldn’t wait to make good use of them .

My pussy had a sudden rush of pleasure and I felt the juice start to run down my leg. I couldn’t wait I didn’t care for the niceties any way.
I poured Ben a drink and filled up my glass once again. I was ready at easy and truly wanton. I sat looking at ben him telling me about his day but in truth all I could think about was him throwing me down and fucking me senseless like he did the last time we met. I held his hand in mine imagining it going inside me I wanted nothing else.

Date: June 24, 2017