Geiler Sex mit unbekannter Frau


Geiler Sex mit unbekannter Frau Raphael reached up and set the treadmill on its slowest speed. Cynthia did not have time to even say a word when he said, “Here let me show you.”

Raphael bent down taking his left hand and place it against the back of her calf and slid it upwards to the middle of the back of her thigh. He placed his other hand on her chin and said, “Now walk.”

Cynthia did not know what to do, she felt like her entire face would be red but it was not. Raphael began helping move and lift her leg in step with the machine. “See,” he said, “This for you is a much more natural movement. You need lift your thigh a bit higher than you do with your other leg.”

Date: June 19, 2017