Family Therapy Sister’s Distraction Alex Blake


Family Therapy Sister's Distraction Alex Blake The talk as we walked was getting a little deeper than it had been in the pub nothing vulgar but it had sexual undertones to it, I was at ease with it and held my own with them though Roy held back somewhat. I thought he was a nice guy and if I was a woman, it hit me then how in the last few hours I had completely changed and was thinking and acting as a woman.Roy knew I was a man but wanted to be with me and I had already admited I would be sexualy attracted to him if I was a woman. Caroline opened the door and we all walked inside,it was a surprise to see King and a young man sat together in the room. King asked Caroline how things where and she said it had all worked out fine and that Roy was proof of the fact. Roy and king looked at each other and king said happy birthday Roy, the smile on his face said it was just that and thanked both king and Caroline but then he came to me saying a spacial thankyou with a kiss.

Date: June 24, 2017