Dakota James Massage Workout


Dakota James Massage Workout This went on for several minutes and Cynthia said, “Oh… It feels so good. Dont stop. Yea… Mmmm. Fuck me baby.”

Raphael took his right hand off her shoulder and reached down around the front of her and began running his fingers up and down across her clitoris and labia while with his left reached around and began squeezing at her breast. Cynthia began moaning first softly and then growing as he continued to work her with his hand while entering in and out of her slowly.

Raphael bent over and whispered in Cynthia's ear, “I am going to take you. Over and over I will fill you with my seed until you beg me that you can take no more. Then I will take you again. Your pussy is so warm, tight and inviting. I wish all my friends were here so they too might enjoy you.”

Date: June 17, 2017