Cybill and Thorne


Cybill and Thorne We all came inside, the girls removing their shoes and boots, showing me even more of their legs and their sexy silken feet, which I knew were going to be a distraction. I was surprised that all three of them were wearing stockings, even though it still wasn’t fashionable for young women to wear. On the occasions when Karen surprised me with a garter belt and stockings in bed, she saw how it drove me wild and made me fuck her endlessly until we both collapsed in a sweaty pile. Once, in my dreamy post-orgasmic state, I blurted out how I had always had a fascination and obsession with nylon-covered legs, how lucky girls were to get to wear stockings, and how if more women wore nylons today and knew how much power it gave them over men, they could rule the world. She winked and said “I know.”

Date: May 30, 2017