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College Couple Hot Homemade Sex Alice was on fire. She stood in the kitchen lifting her skirt high and showing me her beautiful, shaved bare pussy.

“It is so beautiful my dear.” I said, knowing what she wanted but making her work hard to get it. To earn it in a way I guess.

“Ah Alice it’s early – there’s time for this later – let’s enjoy the moment right now.” Once again I knew this would push her buttons a little bit more.

“Ben it’s my Birthday and I’ll get fucked if I want to… that’s how the song goes. You promised me a fisting and that’s what you are going to give me.” She stood like a child having a tantrum stamping her feet and spreading her legs wide, running her fingers over her pussy lips and clit.

“Taste me Ben it’s ready.” she said

Date: June 25, 2017