Bathroom fuck


Bathroom fuck The reason that Charles did not interrupt Cynthia earlier before closing as is normally done is Raphael and he had talked. “There is something about her,” Raphael said. “I can tell. She is like the lioness. Beautiful, sensual. I could feel her as though she were in heat, her passion wanting to break free and lavish itself upon me.”

Charles thought him rather ridiculous, “You Latin lovers. I'd bet you a weeks pay your wrong. Dont get me wrong. She's an attractive women. I've helped her many times. In fact once I was working with her and her nipples were so erect I thought they would bust through her halter shirt she was wearing. I mean, dude, they must have been a half-inch. I tried hinting at her a few times and she paid absolutely no attention at all. But come to mention it, I did notice her shorts were soaked between her legs. I could smell her too. It sure was'nt sweat!”

Date: June 16, 2017