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Ass Find my Snapchat The drinks flowed as we talked and flirted even I was holding my own confident and happy with them, I had started to take notice of the people in the room,all were men apart from two women sat in a group at the far end. It was then that it dawned on me they were men dressed up like I was but not quite as good, stranger still that I was pleased about it. Frank said he had never seen a guy look so good, I was mortified that he knew I was a man. Caroline explained that this was a gay pub and that everyone was gay here including her,I had no idea and was surprised as she carried it off so well. I asked Frank how he knew I was a guy, his answer was that Caroline would only go outdoors with a man never a woman. I was having a swell time not noticing that it was almost 10 O'Clock, I was making leaving noises when Roy asked if he could walk me home. Caroline whispered we could all go back to her place if I liked, I wanted that more than I realized Roy and I had hit it off together and I was happy to be in his company.

Date: June 24, 2017