Anal Sex Remy LaCroix


Anal Sex Remy LaCroix I lower my skirt and give him a quick kiss and say "thanks, I'll see ya around". When I get home Sean is waiting for me…..I don't even get out of the car before he pulls up my skirt and lays me in the front seat so he can lick my clit. He can smell the sex and he just goes crazy…..fucking me so quick because he is so worked up….leaving my pussy more abused and dripping of cum. We go inside the house and Sean is still hard, but this time he undresses me and bites my nipples. This drives me crazy so I take control and get on top and ride him. I finally get my release and drip all over him. I had a good night, and look forward to tomorrows adventures!!!!! Needless to say I never met up with my friends, because I was having too much fun.

Date: June 27, 2017